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About Operation Expanded Testing.

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Operation Expanded Testing is a federally-funded program that allows schools and select community organizations to implement COVID-19 testing services at no cost to the school and organization.

These services are provided by Affinity Empowering, a leading occupational health, population, and disease management life sciences organization with the experience and expertise to help schools implement safe and effective testing programs.

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Get Registered K-12 Student

To register your child for COVID-19 testing at their school, click on the “Find your School” button below to begin.

Why testing with Affinity Empowering makes a difference:

Flexible testing experiences and the ability to adjust testing plans as needed.
Testing at no cost to the school and organization.
Confidence in having a plan to rapidly identify and limit the spread of COVID-19.
Easily and quickly implemented processes built on industry best practices and informed by years of experience.
Timely notifications of test results.
A sense of wellness and security for parents, teachers, staff, and students