Ensure that an open school is a healthy school

This federally-funded COVID-19 testing program is available to schools across 26 states in the Northeast and South Region.

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A COVID-19 testing program isn’t just a way to provide peace of mind to faculty, parents, and kids for the back-to-school season. It’s a proven tool that keeps positivity rates low—and keeps the doors open. Affinity can implement effective testing services at no cost to the school with minimal impact to your day-to-day administrative duties.


Get Registered K-12 Student

To register your child for COVID-19 testing at their school, click on the “Find your School” button below to begin.

By participating in this program, schools will receive:

Flexible testing experiences and the ability to adjust testing plans as needed.
Testing at no cost to the school for classrooms as well as athletics, after school programs, summer school, and more
Confidence in having a plan to rapidly identify and limit the spread of COVID-19.
Easily and quickly implemented processes built on industry best practices and informed by years of experience.
Timely notifications of test results.
A sense of wellness and security for parents, teachers, staff, and students

and become prepared to face the year ahead